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The Baptist Church Ministry Network exists to connect pastors, missionaries, and ministry staff members (active and retired) of Baptist churches for encouragement through Bible preaching and fellowship; the Network also provides a vehicle for biblical, balanced Baptist pastors, missionaries, and ministry staff members to partner together for the purpose of reaching the lost at home and around the world.



Breakout Session: Church Finances

November 16th, 2020|0 Comments

Listen in as Rick Carter gives insight into raising funds for your church, encouraging your members to become faithful givers, and being good stewards of the finances of your ministries.     Click

“The BCMN endorsement has made it possible for us to contact pastors more confidently. However, the greater benefit is that the BCMN, through the endorsement, has allowed us to talk with pastors who are honestly interested in missions and interested in having missionaries come to their churches. This is a HUGE blessing! In the end, it has made it possible for us to partner with new churches so that we can continue the ministry God has called us to do in Nicaragua.

Bryan and Sandy Wise, Missionaries in Nicaragua

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