601, 2021

A Simple Way to Reach People Through Your Church Website

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During this season of ministry, staying connected to our members and finding out their needs has been both difficult and critical. Online options for everything from giving to streaming our services has not just been “nice

401, 2021

Teenagers in the Crisis: Reaching Them Part 2

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What else can be done to reach out to teenagers and keep them accountable? I’m sure you want to keep your teenagers in their Bibles. You could keep them accountable on their Bible reading by designing

3112, 2020

Virginia faith leaders urge Gov. Northam not to enforce new law requiring them to “violate” religious convictions

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Forty Virginia faith leaders have signed onto a letter urging Gov. Ralph Northam and state legislators not to enforce a new law that would require residents to violate their religious convictions. Enacted in July, the "Virginia

2812, 2020

Teenagers in the Crisis: Reaching Them Part 1

By |December 28th, 2020|Categories: Covid-19, Outreach, Students|0 Comments

With the ever-shifting times, teenagers more than ever need the stability that comes from the unchanging Word of God, the pillar and ground of the truth (the church), a relationship with the God of the universe,

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