Planting a Church During Covid

Jaden Fitzpatrick, Bible Baptist Church Springboro, OH. January of 2020 I was wondering what the Lord wanted out of my life. I

Planting a Church During Covid2020-10-16T12:05:22-04:00

Exceeding and Abundantly Above

Bryson R. Thompson, Pastor Assurance Baptist Church, Dayton, Ohio 2020 has certainly been a peculiar year. Fortunately for the Christian, we are

Exceeding and Abundantly Above2020-10-09T16:47:43-04:00

Creating a Culture of Evangelism

Jeremy Stout Pastor Bible Baptist Church Marysville, Ohio As a church planter in 2007, I thought that evangelism would be the last

Creating a Culture of Evangelism2020-06-04T21:00:23-04:00

The Gospel Thrives in Hard Times

Adam Cottrell  BCMN Endorsed Support Missionary to Thailand Like most nations in our world Thailand has been greatly affected by the spread

The Gospel Thrives in Hard Times2020-05-10T05:26:05-04:00

For Such A Time As This

Eric Doucet  Pastor,  Texas Avenue Baptist Church Esther 4:14 (KJV) For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement

For Such A Time As This2020-05-09T03:27:32-04:00
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